Friday, December 14, 2007

for the other

Another child from Nalico village, or that is where she ended up after running from the Burma Army. She is part of some 25,000 internally displaced people in northern Karen State, Burma, forced to flee their villages because of attacks of the Burma Army. The Burma Army attacks civilians with impunity in areas under the control of the resistance. The resistance Karen National Union still controls parts of Karen State with their Karen National Liberation Army. So where ever the KNU have control Burma's dictators use the Burma Army to suppress those areas. And one of the strategies is to severely oppress the civilian population. This is the reality. It is well documented by many groups and yet little is being done to stop it other than by the resistance groups which are greatly outnumbered. It is not a matter of the resistance leaving the areas, because they would be abandoning their people to the will of the Burma Army, and the areas currently under Burma Army control still suffer oppression by the Burma Army. For the most part the villagers support the KNU and do not want to be under the control of the Burma Army. While this is the short explanation I believe it's accurate. So what can be done? I urge people to find organizations who support the internally displaced people and support their work. There is no one organization, in fact there are many. I urge you to learn more about the situation and to stand with these people in your own way. Maybe volunteer with an organization that is helping or support their work in some way. If I can be of any help let me know. Thank you.

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