Friday, October 05, 2007

knowing only war

Last year I spent three months inside Karen State, Eastern Burma. Since leaving I suffer from what one might call survivors guilt, I'm haunted by memory. There are real people suffering under a dictatorship that would rather they be dead. They are a hunted people and like this boy I took a picture of, growing up knowing only war. I cannot do much about it, but together we can try. I urge you to do something on behalf of the people suffering in Burma. I propose three things: 1. Pray for Burma. 2. Support an organization of your choice that is doing something. Do research, find out who's doing something you can get on board with and help them do it. 3. You are a human with talent, use it some way to help. We're in this together. May God bless and keep you well.


linda said...

I saw the Four Corners (ABC Australia) report on the Free Burma Rangers last night. I was reminded of six weeks that I spent in Cambodia last year, and the guilt I felt about that country. People who are now my friends were suffering terrible atrocities in the seventies while I (and the rest of the world) did nothing. Well done for making the blog, hope the film makes an impact, and yes, I will act. We will not ignore these people.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Linda.