Monday, October 22, 2007

Karen standing

I've looked at this picture many times, I took it in Mone Township. He's a KNDO soldier, the KNDO is the first Karen army, after the KNU was formed they started the KNLA, but the KNDO still stands and they work together. When ever I see this picture, I remember the feeling I got from him. He didn't need us, he was gonna keep holding on regardless what happened. He was in it for his people. Many depict the Karen as kind of helpless, I even heard CNN call them "ragtag". They are wrong, if that was the case they wouldn't be able to hold back and army of hundreds of thousands with only a few thousand. They have committed men and villagers working together. And I seriously doubt they will give up.


FCB said...

It is an interesting picture. He has such a pleasant face, not one you would attach to a warrior.

front films said...

Yeah and I seriously doubt you would want to meet him in the jungle if you were the Burma Army. But to me he seemed golden.