Friday, January 19, 2007

things are gonna get worse

If you travel through areas that are not under attack and ones that are, you can better understand the need for freedom in Karen State. In the areas that are still relatively safe from attacks, (although this is becoming extinct because of Burma Army camp expansion) there is still a sense that life is good. Children play, people farm and life has normalcy. It makes you wonder why someone would want to take it away from them. And in the areas that are under attack there are few signs of peoples natural way of life. Farms are left unplanted and homes and schools are empty or burnt down. These children are now living within thirty minutes of a new Burma Army camp and their way of life is getting ready to change for the worse. How many people do you know who know their children's lives will get worse?


FCB said...

Man, it is so senseless. I sit here without words to express the emotions I feel. Is there no justice? How can this be? How can humans be so evil? All these things and more run through your mind and still..... no solutions.

Front Films said...

This village has since been attacked by the Burma Army. These children have had to flee their village since this photo was taken. The Burma Army is building a road through this area and the villages affected will not exist, or not with any freedom. When we were there the Burma Army had already attempted to attack but were held back by the KNLA. But even then everyone knew it was a matter of time.