Wednesday, January 03, 2007

born running

This mother had to flee the Burma Army and while doing so went into labor and had this baby on the trail. When we met the baby he was two months old. A harsh start. They are from Northern Mon Township. The problem is large and overwhelming, but this is who pays the heaviest price and their struggles are painfully real.


FCB said...

Matt, these recent posts are great. This particular one and her story is just hard to fathom.
The picture of the soldier from the frontline has almost an ancient look to it. The KNU soldiers must truly be the life blood for the Burmese. Sad to hear General Bo Mya died. I'm sure multitudes have their lives because of his selfless work.
The song on the blackboard is the one sung in one of your films, such a great one! Such a great people.

matblue said...

Thanks, sometimes because I have such a deeper memory of the background I'm not sure if others regard them usefull or not. I wish I could convey more.

The KNLA (KNU Army) is definately the lifeblood of the Karen, (better to call them Karen than Burmese, Burmese implies Burman...) anyway, you defintaley feel their sacrifice and commitment unlike anything I have experienced. It's also like you meet your own men, they protect us too, and after witnessing so much evil by the Burma Army you deeply sense their fight is just. Which makes you trust them personally and their struggle, commitment and sacrifice.