Saturday, June 17, 2006

the fighter

This is the older sister of the boy in the previous post. She also had malaria, she however looked as if she was going to make it. She still had strength enough to refuse medicine and was well aware of us when we were there, I guess girls are stronger and being older helps. I'm not sure how she is now but Dtey Htoo told me she was going to be ok. It was a load off because I couldn't imagine her mother being able to take losing two children in the same week.


fcb4 said...

man...the eyes of these children are haunting. They penetrate and speak so loud. Brutal.

FCB said...

Yes Eric, they are haunting, and beautiful. I don't know if the children are more beautiful or my heart is seeing them that way as I learn more about their plight.
Matt, your site is so good.